Trailer 2


August 21st, 2006




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First revealed at GC '06, this trailer showcased the various abilities of Team Fortress 2's player classes.

Differences from retailEdit

  • The Demoman's ability to remotely detonate his Grenades hadn't yet been moved to his Sticky bombs.
  • The Grenades have a longer, thinner, and slightly different design, and don't flash.
  • The Heavy's Minigun firing animation includes a more cartoonish muzzle flash coming out of the barrel.
  • The Heavy's movement speed is much slower in the finished game.
  • The bullets seen spewing out of the Minigun are longer and have more expelled in an extremely wide spread than in the final product.
  • The Level 1 Sentry Gun has a different firing sound, builds at a slower speed, and has a higher rate of fire. It also has a muzzle flash, unlike the simple recoil the gun has now.
  • The charge symbol seen when the Sniper Rifle is zoomed in has a different design.
  • The Spy's Knife has a much longer and has a more intricate switching animation.
  • The emblems on the class' arms are solid circles instead of class emblems.
  • The 2Fort bridge is uncovered.
  • The spawns have a separate exit and entrance like in Team Fortress Classic.
  • The picture showing all the classes at the end is an old version featuring the older designs and weapons.
  • The explosion graphics are different in the finished game.
  • Far less blood when players are gibbed.
  • The bone-cracking sound for fall damage is different in the finished game.


  • The Pyro and the Medic are both seen in the trailer, but neither are mentioned.
  • Footstep sounds were recycled from Half-Life 2, another Valve title.
  • All characters have the same voice and stock dying noises including the infamous Wilhelm scream.
  • Characters have a few clarity issues. For example, the Heavy's ear and Demoman's eye patch are a bit blurred.
  • The classes' health were set very low (especially Soldier and Pyro) so that the other classes could kill them easily.


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