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July 19th, 2006




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First revealed at the July 19, 2006 EA Summer Showcase event, this trailer showcased Team Fortress 2's dramatic change in visual style and gameplay from its initial design; a design reminiscent of the original Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat.

Differences from retailEdit

  • The general design of all the characters is somewhat different. This is most apparent in classes such as the Engineer and Soldier, while the Scout and Sniper are relatively unchanged.
  • The muzzle flashes are opaque and hard-edged.
  • The Spy wields a Tranquilizer, a cut weapon.
  • The Scout is shown wielding a SMG, which was later replaced with a Nailgun and finally the Scattergun. The SMG found its way into the hands of the Sniper.
  • The Medic is shown wielding a giant syringe, which was later replaced by the Medigun.
  • The Soldier's Rocket Launcher is visually a single-shot frontloaded RPG, much like it was in TFC. The rocket was removed in the final version.
  • The Soldier does not scream before beating his helmet with his Shovel as he does during his in-game taunt.


  • The Medic is also shown wearing a stethoscope, which was later removed (though it can be see in his cubby in the spawn rooms).
  • The Pyro has a skull insignia behind him in the scene where he flames the camera which has not yet reappeared in any form. This skull was used for the RED team's logo in Team Fortress Classic.
  • The Sniper has a sign behind him that says "Warning: Unsafe Structure" at 0:44


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