Teleporters are a type of building that can be constructed by the Engineer. Two components make up a complete and functional teleporter set: The Entrance and the Exit. Players who stand on a fully charged teleporter entrance are instantly transported to the exit in a flash of light and particles. Teleporters cost 125 metal each to place and cannot be upgraded.

If a Spy places an Electro Sapper on one end, only that end is affected. This can be a hassle for the Engineer as teleporters are usually far apart from eachother. This can be used strategically by the spy, by means of luring an Engineer away from his Sentry Gun and to the sapped teleport.

Both Teleporters' health increase as they are being constructed until they reach a maximum of 150 health upon completion. When completed, a teleporter entrance will be instantly charged if there is an exit available, but subsequent charges will take ten seconds. Destroyed Teleporters leave 60 metal worth of pieces each. Players who have recently teleported are surrounded by a distinctive, glowing particle effect for eighteen seconds after teleporting. The effect is visible if the player looks at their feet after teleporter use. No player can use the enemy team's Teleporters, not even disguised or cloaked spies. Standing on a teleporter exit when it is used by an enemy results in a fatal telefrag.

By default, players appear facing the direction the Engineer was facing when he placed the Exit. The Exit can be rotated by pressing the player's alternative attack button (default key: L trigger) before placing the building and an arrow on the blueprint indicates the direction a teammate will be facing upon use. The Entrance can be rotated too, though this has no gameplay effect. The Entrance has an arrow that automatically points towards the Exit (if it exists), which is unaffected by the rotation of the Entrance. This arrow shows the player the general direction in which they will travel. The builder earns half of a point each time a team member uses his teleporter. Engineers can use their own teleports to earn points.


  • Health: 150
  • Cost: 125
  • Recharge Time: 10 seconds


Unintended FunctionEditEdit

The teleporter with the help of a couple of glitches can get you into out of reach areas by crouching then jumping making your head go through objects such as floors and ceilings and placing your exit in a wall leaving it in another room with clear ground. These glitches are a lot easier at red bases on 2Fort. It has been said that the valve team likes the red team better being able to do glitches that the blu team cannot do or are harder for them to do. Such as you can place red teleporter exits in the secondary spawn. But at the blu base you would need the help of the medic and his Syringe gun to get a teleporter up in the blu spawn.