Sticky jumping is an ability the Demoman uses to get get across the map with the loss of some health, get at a advantageous position or simply to surprise enemy players. Although it can be difficult in the beginning, a experienced Sticky jumper can get across the map with just two stickys without killing themselves with the bombs or fall damage. The Soldier also has a sort of Sticky jumping. For that see rocket jumping[1]

Basic Sticky JumpingEdit

Placing a sticky or 2 on the ground then running in the direction you want to go then hit the detonator and go flying Note: Beware of fall damage and critical stickys

Advanced Sticky JumpingEdit

Same as above, but before you jump crouch. The crouch should only be a fraction of a second long. If you do this right, you can get on (for example) the battlements of 2Fort

Video guidesEdit

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Getting PlacesEdit

Sticky Jumping can help you get places you normally should not be getting into such as the secondary respawn on 2Fort by getting in the hole that drops players down into the narrow hallway that leads near the sewer and the courtyard allowing you to spawn kill players as they walk out of the spawn room and injured snipers that run away after injured to come heal at the resupply cabinet. But this is for ass wholes or those griefiers.