"Son, I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face."

Loadout Slot

Primary (Engineer), Secondary (Soldier, Pyro and Heavy)



Kill Icon



Ammo Loaded: 6, Ammo Carried: 32

The shotgun is a non-class-specific weapon, mean that more than one class has the ability to wield it. ( Soldier, Pyro, Heavy and the Engineer)


  • Base: 6 per pellet
  • Max Ramp Up: 150% (9 damage per pellet)
  • Max Fall Off: 50% (3 damage per pellet)
  • Point Blank: 80-90
  • Medium Range: 10-30
  • Long Range: 3-10
  • Critical Hit: 18 per pellet

Medium range is defined as the main resupply door to the opposite wall on the upper level of 2Fort. Long range is defined as battlement to battlement on 2Fort. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

Shotgun Point Blank Damage Medium Range Damage Long Range Damage
Shotgun 80-90 10-30 3-10

Function TimesEdit

  • Attack Interval: 0.625
  • Reload Base: 1.0
  • Additional Reload: 0.5

Reload base is the time it takes to reload the first ammo. Additional reload is the time it takes to reload each ammo after the first. All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


  • The characters appear have different reload times, but this is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay.
  • The Pyro pumps the Shotgun every time he switches to it, although no shells are ejected for sake of gameplay.
  • The Heavy pumps the Shotgun with his thumb and index finger, since his hand are too large to do it the regular way.
  • The Shotgun is the only weapon that fits into both the Primary and Secondary weapon categories.