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40px-Leaderboard class pyro

The Pyro is a offensive class that likes to play with fire.


A true pyromaniac. While his voice is humorously muffled almost beyond recognition in game, inspection of the sound files shows he has a barely traceable Italian accent.

Only two things are known for sure about the mysterious Pyro: he sets things on fire and he doesn't speak. In fact, only the part about setting things on fire is undisputed. Some believe his occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to his asbestos-lined suit. Either way, he's a fearsome, inscrutable, on-fire Frankenstein of a man. If he even is a man...


Leaderboard class pyro PyroEdit

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
100px-Item icon Flame Thrower
Killicon flamethrower



Base (Max):139.5 / sec.

Crit (Max): 418.5 / sec.

Afterburn:6 / sec. × 10 secs.1

W shotgun sized
Killicon shotgun 6 32

Base: 60

Crit: 180
[6 dmg. × 10 pellets]

100px-Item icon Fire Axe
Fire Axe
Killicon fireaxe N/A N/A

Base: 65

Crit: 195


  • Charging the front lines is a bad move. With your short range, most classes will rip you to shreds before you get within flamethrower range. Try using side paths and flanking them.
  • When lit on fire, most players panic. When ambushing a large groupthat you know you can't beat, try to ignite as many of them as possible before dying. It's a great way to turn a battle-ready assault team into a pack of fleeing animals frantically searching for a health pack.
  • Beware the medic and engineer. Medics and Dispensers can douse flames, rendering your chaos-causing power useless. In addition, medics regenerate health, so your burn effect is essentially cancelled out.
  • In a pinch, an Ubercharged pyro is exceptional at taking out an engineer base. Your flamethrower is powerful enough to kill a level 3 sentry very quickly.
  • When they are ablaze, leave them be. If you still have a lot of health and they are classes with a lot of health, shoot them with the shotgun a few times.
  • When attacking, the first thing you should do it try to light them on fire. Then, even if you switch to another weapon, you're still causing burn damage.
  • Don't use the axe. The flamethrower is better than the axe in every way in terms of melee power.
  • The spy is your natural prey - his fancy suit burns like tissue paper, and his cloak and disguise, his most powerful tools, are useless when he's on fire. If you suspect a spy is nearby, spray flames like there's no tomorrow.
  • When in doubt, spy check!
  • You are an engineers best friend you can spy check and help him out with enemies trying to corner shoot his buildings and he normally has a dispenser nearby for you to use.


  • If you're a spy and you see a pyro blocking the way, get out of there. You're no match for a pyro.
  • Pyros are best dealt with at long range, where their flamethrowers can't touch you. Don't let them get too close.
  • Soldiers and Demos can "juggle" pyros by blasting them into the air with a lucky rocket or stickybomb. Pyros are fairly easy to juggle, since they usually run forward in a straight line.
  • Medics and Engineer's dispensers can easily douse flames.

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