These are the default controls for Team Fortress 2 on the PlayStation 3.

Button Action
Icon Text
Symbol buttons
PS Button X Cross Jump
PS Button Circle Circle Reload
PS Button Square Square Taunt
PS Button Triangle Triangle Voice chat
Trigger buttons
PS Button R1 R1 Cycle weapons left to right rotation
PS Button L1 L1 Cycle weapons right to left rotation
PS Button R2 R2 Primary fire
PS Button L2 L2 Secondary fire
Directional pad
PS Button Dpad-Up D-Pad Up Primary weapon
PS Button Dpad-Down D-Pad Down Melee weapon
PS Button Dpad-Right D-Pad Right Secondary weapon
PS Button Dpad-Left D-Pad Left Special weapon (Engineers and Spies only)
Analog sticks
PS Button Stick Right Right Analog Stick Look around
PS Button Stick Click Right Click Right Analog Stick Call for Medic
PS Button Stick Left Left Analog Stick Move around
PS Button Stick Click Left Click Analog Stick Crouch/duck
Central buttons
PS Button Select Select Button Show scores
PS Button Start Start Button Pause/Menu
PlayStation Logo Guide Button PlayStation 3 options

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