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Scout, Engineer



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Killicon pistol

The Pistol Edit

The Pistol is the default secondary weapon for the Scout and the Engineer. It is a typical Pistol sidearm, apart from being fully automatic, that fires bullets from a cartridge magazine.

The weapon's accuracy, while not exceptional, is superior to that of the Scattergun or Shotgun, making it useful for hitting targets at medium or long range or when the primary weapon is out of ammunition. The accuracy also makes it very useful for destroying Sticky bombs and taking out unsupervised Sentry Guns from outside their firing range.

On the PC version, the Pistol fires a single, perfectly-accurate shot before 'bullet spread' goes into effect, so long as the player has waited at least 1.25 seconds since firing the last shot (similar to the Revolver and SMG.)

Weapon Damage Edit

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Killicon pistol 12 36

Base: 15

Crit: 45
[6 rounds / sec.]

Trivia Edit

  • The closest real-life equivalent to the Pistol is the PSM, the featherweight Soviet self-defense Pistol firing a tiny 5.45mm cartridge and not intended for any serious use beyond point-blank range. The Pistol also shares similarities to the Walther PP Series.
  • The Engineer's Pistol has the most carried ammo in the game, even exceeding that of the Pyro's Flamethrowers and the Heavy's Miniguns.

Class Diffrence Edit

There is a difference between the scouts pistol an the engineers pistol. The engineer can fire the pistol faster than the scout even though he is faster than the engineer and the engineer can carry more pistol ammo than the scout due to him needing to run faster so he carrys less ammo.