Pickups are objects spawned at various locations on a map. There are three types: Health, Ammo and Metal. The player must walk into them in order to pick them up, and the player will not pick them up if they are already at max capacity. Any pickup used will immediately disappear and respawn after a few seconds, each with a distinctive sound effect. Each pickup comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Health pickups and Ammo/Metal pickups do not restore a set amount of health or ammo/metal; instead they restore a percentage of the maximum health or ammo/metal of a class.

Pickups cannot be retrieved if an Engineer builds a teleporter on the pickup spawn point. Other engineering buildings (such as Sentry Guns and Dispensers) allow friendly players to pass but block enemy movement, so they can be used to prevent opponents from taking pickups. However, such buildings also block the builder from claiming them.


Health Pickups are vital both in and out of combat and can have an immediate impact on the battle. For example, health pickups will immediately extinguish a player that has have been ignited by a Pyro's Flamethrower. Care should be taken to avoid taking a health pickup from another player that needs it more, E.G. a burning friendly Medic.

Other sources of health include the Engineer's Dispenser, the Medic's Medi Gun,and the Resupply Lockers.


Ammo (short for ammunition) is a pickup found on all maps that replenishes the player's ammo supply. The amount of ammo in a pick-up is applied to all weapons equipped, not just the one currently held.

Other sources of ammo include dropped weapons, Resupply Lockers, and dispensers.


Metal is an item unique to the Engineer. Metal allows the Engineer to build, repair, and upgrade his buildings. The Engineer can carry a maximum of 200 Metal at any given time.

Metal can be picked up from ammo crates, dropped weapons, scrap from destroyed Buildings, Resupply Lockers, and Dispensers, both enemy and friendly.