Yes, we're moving. Yes, you're invited.Edit

Time for a bit of history:

This wikia was created a few years ago by someone who is now no-longer involved. I, Snyphurr, became the sole admin and, over time, the sole user of the wikia, and began trying to update and streamline the content here. However, after months of effort and very little growth, I've decided that it would be best to move the wikia and it's content to a hosting service that isn't so limiting and will allow for growth (and more importantly, more user and admin rights so that we can, gasp, close the wiki if the need for it comes.) On Wikia, nothing can be mass-removed or changed, nor can users delete their accounts and admin cannot close the wikia except in extreme circumstances.

If you have come here looking for content, know that there will be a place soon to find it, in higher quality. I hope to see you soon.

Where are we going?Edit

You'll know as soon as I do.