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Maps are the settings where gameplay takes place. According to the game universe, these locations are areas of prominence for the rival companies RED and BLU. As the land and any important property cannot be won by legal means, the 9 mercenaries are deployed by each company to take the land by force by completing a series of objectives

Map typesEdit

Type Number of Maps
Capture the Flag 1
Control Point (Standard) 2
Control Point (Attack/Defend) 2
Territory Control 1

Maps Edit

Map Map Type Setting

Capture the Flag

750px-TF2 2fort map
2Fort Capture the Flag Farmland
750px-TF2 Granary Map Granary Control Point Farmland
750px-TF2 Well Map Well Control Point Industrial
750px-TF2 Dustbowl Map Dustbowl Attack/Defend Desert
750px-Tf2 gravelpit Gravel Pit Attack/Defend Industrial

Territorial Control

750px-TF2 Hydro Map

Hydro Territorial Control Industrial