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The Blu Briefcase in 2fort

The Intelligence, also known as the "intel," "flag," or "briefcase," is the eponymous flag and objective of the Capture the Flag gametype. It appears as a team-colored briefcase, sporting a complicated numbered lock pad on the front and papers protruding out of its joints.

After the Intelligence is picked up the arrow on the bottom of the hud will point towards where the briefcase is.

After the briefcase is dropped it will reset and go back to the desk in 60 seconds. Because of the high chance players will come, Engineers like to build sentries near briefcases.

If a Spy tries to pick up the Intelligence, they will become undisguised (if they were disguised) and it will be impossible to cloak or re-disguise for said Spy. Sometimes, this can lead to moments where a Spy is trying to fight an Engineer, accidentally grabs the Intel, and proceeds to be targeted by nearby Sentry Guns or other enemies.

If a player can successfully reach their own Intelligence desk while holding the other team's briefcase (regardless of their class), the briefcase is instantly returned to its original desk and a point is awarded to whichever team the Intelligence carrier belongs to.