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Ammo Loaded: 4 (Xbox 360), 6 (PS3), Ammo Carried: 30

The Grenade Launcher is a primary weapon for the Demoman. Grenades arc significantly after being fired, and the distance a round will travel depends on the angle at which it was fired (when shooting long distances, though, it's often better to jump and fire than change the angle of fire much past 45 degrees). Grenades travel approximately around 45 miles per hour. Grenades will bounce on any surface, albeit very inelastically, and will only detonate on contact with enemies before the first bounce. Grenades launch to the right of the cross-hair, so you should lead to the left to compensate, this is important especially when in close range with faster classes such as Scouts. Grenades are timed and will detonate after 2.3 seconds, assuming they don't detonate on impact with an enemy. Direct hits with grenades have very little splash range, and will only damage you if the enemy is face to face with you (whereas grenades that detonate after the first bounce have more splash range, but do a lot less damage). Grenades have the advantage of never suffering from falloff damage; hits at long range will still do full damage. There is a blast radius falloff: the greater the distance from the epicenter of the blast, the less damage will be done. This also applies for Critical Hits

It is possible to jump to great heights using the Grenade Launcher in a similar fashion to Rocket Jumping and Sticky Jumping, albeit much more difficult. The player should shoot in front of him and reload the weapon immediately, the grenades explode about after the player inserts a fresh grenade into the Grenade Launcher. This method of jumping deals far less damage than the conventional sticky jumping, but is also harder to perform.


  • Base: 120
  • Direct Hit:
    • Any range: 81-111
    • Self damage: 42-73 damage (only from point blank range)
      • Critical Hit: Deals same amount of self damage as a regular grenade (42-73)
  • After Grenade Bounces:
    • Any range: 22-64
      • Critical hit: 190 (Splash at 3'/1m: 100 crit)
    • Self damage: 25-64 (depending on how far you are from the explosion)
      • Critical hit: Deals same amount of self damage as a regular grenade (25-64)

Note: Explosive damage varies depending on how it hits a player, the larger the classes hit box and the closer you are to the explosion the more damage you will take, the further away from the explosion the less damage you can take. Explosions do the most damage when they happen at the mid point of a player model, the explosion will cover more of the hit box and thus do the most damage. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.