'C'ontrol points are circular platforms with a team-colored light and hologram in the center (neutral points will have a white light and hologram). To capture a point owned by the enemy team, the player simply stands on the point until the capture meter fills with his or her team color. The more players on a point, the faster it will capture (though only to a limited extent). They appear on all maps except for 2fort.

No capture progress will be made when players of both teams are on the point. If all the capturing players are killed or driven off before the capture is completed, the capture progress will not reset immediately but instead will slowly fade away, providing an opportunity for the capturing team to get back on the point and continue the capture. A team capturing a neutral point while under enemy progress will start to revert the capture, that is, the enemy's progress will quickly drain away in order for the capturing team start to capturing it.

Scouts count as 2 players when capturing points, this means that they capture points twice as fast as other classes. In some situations, players cannot capture or block control points. They are as follows:

  • Disguised Spies cannot block a capture if they are disguised as the team capturing the point, and cannot capture a point if they are disguised as the enemy team.
  • Cloaked Spies can not defend or capture a control point.

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