Capture the FlagEdit

Capture the Flag (or CTF) is a gametype only played on the map 2Fort. The objective is simple; enter the enemy base, steal the briefcase/flag, and take it back to your Intelligence room. Do this 3 times and your team wins the round.

To pick up the Intelligence the player must touch the enemy's briefcase.

If the Intelligence carrier is killed or the Intelligence is intentionally dropped, the Briefcase will remain stationary for 60 seconds, with a timer shown above the Intelligence indicating how much time is left before it is returned to the Intelligence room. During that time the Intelligence can be picked up as normal. Each time the Intelligence is dropped, the timer is reset. The enemy cannot move or reset the Intelligence themselves. The intelligence cannot be carried by ÜberCharged players, and Intelligence carriers cannot be ÜberCharged.


  • Unlike variants of Capture the Flag in other games, you can make a capture without actually having your Intelligence at your base.