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Capture the Flag

2Fort is a Capture the Flag (CTF) map and is the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name; these maps are both based on the Team Fortress map "2fort5." 2Fort is the only CTF map for Team Fortress 2.

Two similar forts oppose each other, which are separated by a water-filled moat. A covered bridge spans the moat and battlements on each fort provide excellent positions to assault oncoming players, particularly for the Sniper.

There are three entrances into each fort, however not all of them are accessible to every class. The primary entrances are the two openings on the ground level. There are short ramps leading up to each entrance, and the entrances converge under an open grate. These ramps allow defenders to attack intruders from above. The second entrance is through the sewers which run underneath each base. The entryway between the sewers and the base features a stairway and a pool of water; this area is a viable chokepoint. The third entrance is the battlements of each base, which can generally only be accessed by using special jumping maneuvers as a Scout, Soldier, or Demoman.

2Fort's bases are set up for strong defenses due to the long, easily-blocked passages leading to and from the enemy team's flag room. Every capture will require a substantial amount of team coordination, especially when the player count is high.

To win, your team must capture the opposing team's Intelligence continuously until you reach the game's capture limit of 3, while preventing the enemy from achieving that same goal.

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The bridge connecting the two forts. The bridge is covered, allowing Scouts to double-jump from the top of the one battlement, run across the bridge roof and onto the opposing Battlement. The roof also provides cover for advancing players and generally moves the map's action into the bases. Commonly, Scouts will have no problem jumping onto the bridge, but will falter on the second jump to the opposing Battlement landing short in front of one of the doors. The very edge of the bridge roof is bugged; If a Scout attempts to jump from the very edge, in terms of game mechanics, they will be "falling" and thus have only one jump to use, rather than two. Jumping a split-second earlier is enough to remedy this problem. Scouts on the roof of the bridge are susceptible to Sniper fire, which limits the distance of jumps, providing another obstacle to attacking Scouts.

Main EntranceEdit

After crossing the bridge, there are two ground floor entrances into the base. The "Main Entrance," sometimes simply referred to as the "entrance," extends from those two doorways into the base a short distance. From here, the layout of the entrance is a T-shape. Turning left brings the player to the stairs that lead down to the sewers, as well as the narrow corridor linking the Battlement Resupply room to both the entrance and the Courtyard (there is a trapdoor in the ceiling allowing players to drop down from the Resupply room). Turning right leads you into a medium-sized room with a door at the opposite end which also provides access to the courtyard. This room is heavily trafficked by both teams, as it is the most direct way to reach the courtyard from the main entrance. Engineers can set up small camps in here if the enemy is attempting to push through the entrance. In addition, because the room is large, it is often a hiding place for Spies. In most other parts of 2Fort, corridors are too narrow to provide much cover for an invisible Spy, but this room is an exception, allowing them to move past battles occurring in the entrance undetected.


The Battlements are on the front of the second floor of each base and have a center "bunker" section. This section has large glass-less windows and is a roofed structure. The windows allow almost unbroken line of sight into the area. In TF2, the battlements are also referred to as the "balcony," as well as the "Sniper ledge," or "Sniper deck," due to their main purpose as a platform for Snipers. Snipers generally camp the ledges, which give them an excellent view of most of the exterior of 2Fort, with the exception of the bridge and under the water beneath it.

The SewersEdit

The tunnels under each base, leading from the water beneath the bridge to the "Main Entrance", are generally referred to as "the sewers". They are severely dog-legged, creating numerous extra blind corners around which to fight, giving Pyros a defensive edge. In each sewer, there is a room recessed into a corner in such a way that it is impossible to gain line of sight to 100% of the room from inside the tunnels. On the water-side of the room, the tunnel has two 90 degree bends, but on the base-side of the room there is one long unbroken stretch of tunnel. The long tunnel makes a long-range line of sight between the room and the sewer exit. The rooms in the sewers are often camped by Engineers, who use Teleporters to allow their team quick access to the enemy base. Otherwise, the sewers are generally used as a way of entering the enemy base free from the attention of the Snipers above. The narrowness of the sewers makes it difficult for Spies to sneak past enemies also using the tunnels.


The spawn is where people spawn at inside a square room with sliding glass doors that open only to the people just spawning in the square room, you can open this room though in the Blu base and Red people can get in the Blu spawn by waiting for someone to open the metal grate that lifts up by crouching and moving forward all the way to the right and get into the outer Spawn were the Resupply Locker is located at and can then open the Blu spawn by Jumping and crouching on the middle of the sliding glass door and do it until your on top of the door and it will glitch open also if you have a Blu friend he can nudge it open from the side where it will close and open rapidly where you can just walk in the inner spawn. This is were most griefing occurs where some one has the intelligence and is guarding it from his team by holding it in the enemy spawn or theirs a Red spy and a Blu medic is healing him in the spawn while he backs stabs the team as they spawn. The Red spawn cannot be entered by the Blu Team.

Secondary Spawn The secondary spawn is where people spawn when the regular spawn is crowded with too many people or at random after you die. An engineer can build his building in the Reds secondary spawn by erecting a dispenser and getting on the red box near the sewers but in the main entrance and glitching by crouching and jumping almost at the same time but a little before each other and jumping as his head will go through the ceiling/floor and he can build a sentry, dispenser, an exit or entrance teleporter in the secondary spawn. Either engineer can do this but it is only possible at the Red base alone as the engineer without the help of the medics needles. The soldier, and demoman can can rocket/sticky jump through the square hole that people drop down from to get to the courtyard or main entrance faster and then they can spawn kill the players that walk out the sliding glass door this can be done at both bases.


The Courtyard is the main means of transition between the ground floor and the second floor in each base. It is an enclosed, roofless space inside each base, next to the main spawn room and on the player's right when they come through the entrance. It is bounded on three sides by high ledges, and there are doors connecting to the spawn room, a staircase leading down to the Intelligence room on the second floor, and a door from the entrance and from the balcony spawn corridor on the ground floor. A pair of stair cases allow access from below to the upper level. Engineers often use the space as a major defensive point, as it provides the only means of access to the Intelligence for most classes. By setting up a Sentry Gun, an Engineer can successfully provide effective defense against assaults on the intelligence, particularly if positioned so as to cover the Battlements doorway.


The large room on the second floor, adjacent to the main resupply room. The upstairs area has an exit to the Battlements, the "grate", the "top of the spiral", and the "courtyard". This room is heavily trafficked as it is a major crossroads in the map, connecting practically every area of the base. It is often used by Scouts who have jumped to the balcony, as it provides a direct route to the Intelligence via the spiral ramp. The Upstairs area is also commonly referred to as the "hay room" or "hayloft" (due to the large piles of hay on the floor,) or the "upstairs lobby".


This is the small room with the grated floor right above the entrance of each base. It is connected directly to the upstairs area, and as a result is often used by players to gain quick access to battles in the entrance. Demomen and Soldiers can jump up to the second story through this, providing another means of access to the second floor. Classes such as the Engineer and Demoman can also camp above the grate, limiting enemy access through the front entrance. Splash damage is dealt through the grate.


The spiral ramp that leads from the basement up and out of the base is one of only two access points to the Intelligence room. Like the sewers, the spiral is a narrow corridor with frequent right-angles. This tends to result in close-quarters fighting, and due to the confined space it is fairly easy to block enemy access with a Dispenser, Sentry Gun or a Heavy. At the top of the spiral, there are two small corners in which Spies often hide. A direct line of sight can be drawn from the upstairs area along the top length of the spiral, allowing Snipers to eliminate enemies with the Intelligence as they climb the spiral.

Straight StaircaseEdit

This area is a long ramp running from the back of the ramp room into the basement. It is the other egress point for a stolen Intelligence. It is often called the "back stairs", "long stairs", "straight stairs", "stairs", or simply "straight".


The space downstairs between the spiral ramp and the Straight Staircase is the "Basement". It leads to the Intelligence room. There is a resupply point at the end nearest to the Straight Staircase. There are no health or ammo pickups in this room, creating a substantial advantage for the defending team.

Intelligence roomEdit

This is the room that has the Intelligence. It has two entrances from the basement. This is the primary defensive point of 2Fort, and as such it is frequently camped by Engineers, Demomen, and other classes. To successfully capture your opposition's Intelligence, you must return it to the Intelligence room in your own base. The Intelligence is on top of a desk in the opposite corner to both entrances. The way the room is laid out makes it very simple for campers to entrench themselves, and successfully removing them can be almost impossible without an Übercharge.

Related AchievementsEdit

Icon Name Description
TF2 achievement powerhouse offense Powerhouse Offense Win 2Fort with a shutout.
TF2 achievement world traveler World Traveller Play a complete game on every map.